Our free daily time sheets are an easy, paper-based way to keep track of your hours.

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Many businesses need their employees to keep accurate records of the time they've spent working on projects so that they can bill their clients accordingly. Or perhaps you're in business for yourself, and just need an easy way to keep track of how you've spent your day. Either way, our printable daily time sheets are just what you need to manage your time.

Start by downloading the timesheet that best fits your needs — we offer a few different versions. Print out five copies and staple them together to form a one-week pack. (For "The Original", this will give you the exact number of pages you need for two five-day work weeks. Cut the pages in half, and staple five half-pages together to form a one-week pack of time sheets.)

At the beginning of a week, go through the pack and fill out the Today's Date information at the top of each sheet.

Each day when you start work, record your start time in the In space at the top of the sheet. The hours of the work day are shown in the first two gray Time/Duration columns on each sheet. As you work, draw a bracket in the first white column adjacent to the minutes column, corresponding to the start and end times you worked on a single billable item. Record the client or project number within this bracketed region in the Bill To column, and provide a thorough description of what was worked on in the Description column. Be sure to provide enough detail so that you're not left wondering exactly what it was that you worked on if you need to return to the sheets for reference in the future. Finish off the entry by indicating the elapsed time in number format (0.5, 1.25, 3.75, etc.) in the Time column. Repeat this process for each distinct task you work on throughout the day.

At the end of the day, total up the time you spent working in the Time column, and record it as Total Time at the bottom of the sheet. Also be sure to record your end time in the Out space at the top of the sheet.

When you reach the end of your work week, you may find it helpful to indicate the total number of hours you spent working that week by adding up each of the Total Time entries on the sheets in the pack, and writing that total on the last sheet.

Now, if you have to enter your hours in an electronic system, you've got a simple log of where you spent your time that week, and can quickly and easily use it to complete your electronic time card.

Be sure to save each pack in a safe place for future reference.

If you have any questions or recommendations, or are interested in customizations for your work schedule or business needs, please let us know!

You are free to use these daily time sheets for personal or business use, as long as the copyright footer appears on each printed sheet.


These files are in PDF formatThe Original
2-up, 8.5" × 5.5", 15 min inc.
These files are in PDF formatThe Full Sheet
1-up, 8.5" × 11", 10 min inc.